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Be Still My Soul

The haunting melody of Jean Sibelius and the rich lyrics of Katharina von Shlegel are masterfully arranged by award-winning composer Kurt Bestor. This arrangement for piano vocal (+ opt. cello solo) is found on the popular album by David Archuleta "Begin."

Prayer of the Children

Kurt Bestor's best-selling worldwide choir piece is now available for solo vocal and piano. This song has been sung by thousands of choirs around the globe and used to commemorate such emotional events as the "9/11 Commemoration", the "Columbine Memorial Concert," and myriads of other causes. Its heartfelt plea for "silence in a troubled world" will resonate with any audience. 

Carol for a Yuletide Eve

An uptempo caroling song that depicts the traditions of an "Olde Englishe Yule" - from hidden coins in Christmas pudding, boar's head bedecked in bays and rosemary, and the blushing maiden beneath the mistletoe. It's a song that you transport you and the audience back to "Christmas's Past."

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