The Olive Tree

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There's a call that comes to you and me.
Strong and clear, to share His truth and light.
It's our time to serve and bring new life
To a waiting, waiting world in need.

Each new day we'll nourish with His words
Those who seek direction from above.
With our hands we'll share the Master's touch.
With our hearts we'll spread His endless love.

Until He comes and His work is done,
We'll labor and we'll reap.
What joy we'll find this last time,
As we serve the King of Kings.

Heaven's eyes smile down as we declare
Words of peace so precious and so rare.
As we reap with tenderness and care,
Truth and hope bless nations everywhere.


Lyrics by Don Stirling
Music by Kurt Bestor

© Kurt Bestor Music

updated 4 years ago