4COL, even tho I'm always AATK, I still need 404 when it comes to these cute little internet acronyms! IWBNI there existed some kind of "www lexicon" to help a "middle-aged computer geek wannabe" get in the loop here. Perhaps it's a way to KPC. I give a ^5 to anyone who can keep up with IM crowd cause I certainly can't.

Here's my 02 - when talking to someone whose high school graduation song was "We May Never Pass This Way Again" by Seals & Crofts, add a few letters to the mix or, at the very least, be a little more patient with this OM.

I have to admit, that while I understand the little "smileys and emoticons" a little better, I find them obnoxious. Every time I try and insert one in my emails, I feel like a teenage girl putting a little smiley face in her circled "i." That said - I still occasionally find them amusing and the ever-growing list is equally impressive. Here are a few of my favorites:

kbestor 537

I guess I sound a lot like my grandfather as he bemoaned that people weren't scribing notes with quill and ink anymore back in the '30's or my mother in the 90's as she worried about the demise of current English grammar in her classroom. Bottom line - as long as we're communicating, emoticons, IM acronyms, or not - it's a good thing!

TFLMS #:-)

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